Women in Tech World


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The Story

Women in Tech World (WinTech) is a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that recognizes and empowers women in the tech industry by providing opportunities through professional development and mentorship. I began volunteering with the company in January 2017 as a Social Media Coordinator to promote Women in Tech Week 2017 (February 27 – March 3). Women in Tech Week was a joint initiative by Women in Tech and Women in Leadership Foundation. 


WinTech’s primary audience consists of women (of all ages) in tech or interested in working in tech, and women in tech allies. Its secondary audience is the national tech industry (including educational institutes, organizations, accelerators, firms, and individuals). Its audience is primarily based in North America (in major tech hubs such as Vancouver and Toronto).

 The Goal

The goal of Women in Tech Week was to celebrate the successes of women in tech, as well as promote future opportunities through discussions, mixers, summits, awards and scholarships. As a Social Media Coordinator, the goal for the Social Media Team was to promote these events before and during, as well as recap them afterwards. Social media marketing of these events was incredibly important for attracting participants, partners, and sponsors.

The Results

The results of Women in Tech Week were a success. A week of events were hosted across North America, including Vancouver. We grew our social media following from the ground up, reaching and engaging with thousands of people on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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