UBC Launchpad


Social networking, project management


The Story

UBC Launchpad is a student-run software engineering group established in 2015. Despite being a successful community of over 40 volunteers, the team didn’t have a designated person taking care of their social media, resulting in few updates on their social channels.



UBC Launchpad’s target demographic includes:

  • UBC students and university level students from other institutions interested in tech and software development
  • Local tech industry (including educational institutes, organizations, accelerators, firms, and individuals)


 The Goal

My objectives with the Social Media Plan I created for UBC Launchpad included:

  1. Building brand awareness and online presence of UBC Launchpad
  2. Community building
  3. Celebrating local and North American tech community (articles, opportunities, achievements, news) and establishing thought leadership
  4. Creating a Social Media Plan that was easy to implement and use, along with a Buffer account for scheduling content ahead of time



  1. Facebook: UBC Launchpad already had a Facebook in place,  but posting was very seldom. Their largest audience is on Facebook, because most university students use the platform. I put a strategy into the plan to post 3 times a week:
  • 1/3 of content would be sharing Launchpad news (such a updates from their weekly meetings and upcoming events)
  • 2/3 of content would be curated (tech-focused articles and news)

Additionally, I put into place a plan to share a promotional video mid-August to attract new students to join the team in September when classes begin again. I would also like the team to use Facebook Live for any events they will hold, like Hackathons. This is because both regular and live videos are great for engagement on Facebook.



Launchpad’s Facebook cover photo currently looks like the picture above. We are discussing taking a new team photo and updating the banner after Launchpad undergoes interviews and hiring in September.

2.  LinkedIn: Similar to Facebook, Launchpad has a LinkedIn put in place with little content. Because Launchpad represents many university-level students (whom which are looking for co-ops and jobs after they graduate), it was imperative to create a professional and knowledgable presence on LinkedIn. I decided LinkedIn would be used for:

  • Positioning UBC Launchpad as a thought leader through curated content
  • Brand-building


3. Instagram: Instagram is a great channel for community-building through behind-the-scenes photos of a company. Unfortunately, Launchpad was using it to promote events and products (in the form of screenshots). I decided on a plan to post 3 times per week with a mixture of current photos (for example, candids from weekly meetups), throwback photos (from past events), and graphics that would feature team members.



Content Calendar

Here are the content calendars for August and  September 2017.



For analytics, the plan is to study Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram’s native metrics monthly (mid-September 2017 will be the first evaluation).