The Enlightened Nerd


Branding, logo design

The Story

“The Enlightened Nerd”  is a column I founded for Vancouver is Awesome in 2016. I had just graduated from university and was looking for a new writing outlet. I wanted to write for a local online blog because Vancouver is one of the things I know best and I discovered a gap in Vancouver is Awesome’s content – they were missing a nerdy section! I pitched the idea of a nerdy column to the VIA founder, Bob Kronbauer, and he gave me my own weekly column, which I titled “The Enlightened Nerd.” My column would feature nerdy and whimsical people, places and events in Vancouver. Back then, I had zero technical skills and couldn’t fathom making my own logo but always dreamed of doing it.  Flash forward a year and a half later and I have the design and technical know-how to finally create one!


“The Enlightened Nerd” demographic includes Vancouverites, both native and new. Vancouver is Awesome’s audience is a little more mature than similar local publications like Daily Hive or Narcity. Its readers range from 25 to 40 years old.  “The Enlightened Nerd” is for those who enjoy comic books,  cartoons, old horror films, books, video games, trivia nights, collectibles and art. I love how so many things can fall under the nerdy umbrella because if you love something enough, anything can be nerdy and anyone can be a nerd.

 The Goal

The goal of the project was to create a logo and identity palette for “The Enlightened Nerd” and to display the logo on a tote bag and t-shirt. I wanted a simple, clean design that would be feel both modern and sentimental (featuring a nerdy symbol) and I wanted it to be an anchor my readers could connect with.


Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

The Process








Final Product