The Donut Hunt


Branding, advertising

The Story

The Donut Hunt is a brand booklet created for a design project for a fictional client, a Vancouver-based tourism bureau.  Simply put, I love dessert food. More specifically, I love donuts. So why not design a brand booklet on all the awesome donut shops in the city that reflect Vancouver’s uniqueness? Plus, what better way to unite a community than through pastries?  The brand booklet features a map, checklist, and a hashtag to use for social media, to encourage participation.


The Donut Hunt’s demographic includes young adults living in Vancouver interested in food/desserts (ie. “foodies”) and trying new things around the city. Its secondary audience are tourists visiting Vancouver (for example, from Seattle or Portland).

 The Goal

 I had 3 goals with this project:

  1. To create a brand booklet that was eye-catching and minimal, to attract its target demographic (young adults, foodies, and tourists)
  2. To create an easy-to-follow booklet that includes information on donut shops, a map, and a checklist
  3. To create an experience that participants would want to advocate on social media


Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

The Process


"The Donut Hunt" mind map



"The Donut Hunt" concept thumbnails



"The Donut Hunt" moodboard


"The Donut Hunt" roughs

"The Donut Hunt" roughs


Final Product