Simply Organic.


Logo design, branding, advertising

The Story

 Simply Organic is a fictional client for a course project. As part of the assignment, I came up with a logo design for a fictional organic food company. Simply Organic is a coffee shop that sells coffee, tea, sandwiches, fruits, and baked goods. It is situated on the corner of a street in the West End community in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Simply Organic’s demographic includes those living in the West End community of Vancouver. Most customers walk or bike to the store.  Its customers range from 25 – 40 years old and are working class. They lead healthy lifestyles and incorporate fitness and organic food into their daily lives.

 The Goal

 The goal was to create a logo design for a fictional organic food company that would appeal to a local community that leads a healthy lifestyle. Along with a simple, clean, hand-drawn looking design to illustrate Simply Organic, I chose objects made on recycled brown paper to showcase the logo design. The logo on these chosen objects shows that the store believes in simplicity and is down-to-earth and wholesome. This ethical design appeals to the target demographic who advocates for environmentally and physically healthy lifestyles.


Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

The Process


 Simply Organic concept thumbnails


 Simply Organic thumbnails and roughs

Final Product

"Simply Organic" final logos

"Simply Organic" logo on paper shopping bag

"Simply Organic" logo on coffee cups

"Simply Organic" logo on coffee mug