Self Branding


Branding, logo design

The Story

It was time to create a logo for myself, to share my brand with the public. The logo would be displayed on my website, social media, resumé, and eventually a business card.

The Goal

I wanted a logo design that would reflect simplicity and elegance and decided upon a simple letter “K” in cursive within a circle. I didn’t want anything too ornamental or intricate, as I want my work to speak for itself, and I admire minimalism.

I wanted a logo that could communicate my love for art, design, reading and writing. I think I accomplished this by incorporating watercolour brush strokes and a semi-colon into the design. The logo works in black and white, as well as with my current favourite colours in design right now, baby pink and baby blue.


Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

The Process




Karolina Kapusta rough logos  

Final Product


Karolina Kapusta branding on notebook

Karolina Kapusta branding on iPhone

Karolina Kapusta branding on cactus