Peachy Thrifts


Social networking, project management

The Story

Peachy Thrifts is a Vancouver-based thrifting community that shares thrifting tips and tricks, lookbooks, reviews, clothing hauls, and inspiration. It is a collaborative social media project between myself and four classmates.  My role in this project was Project Manager and Social Media Manager. I created the social media plan and overlooked all activity, strategy and  organic growth.


Peachy Thrift’s demographic is primarily young adults in North America interested in thrifting. Our  target audience consists of students (high school and postsecondary), as well as those with entry level jobs, and those that like thrifting for economic and environmental reasons.

 The Goal

I had two goals with Peachy Thrifts:

  1.  Peachy Thrifts is made up of five friends of different ages with clothing styles. We wanted to show that thrifting is fun, affordable and inclusive.
  2. Practice carrying out a social media strategy to grow our community and engagement organically on each channel.


  1. Facebook: With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook was chosen as our main platform to share content with our community. Facebook is also a popular network among our target demographic.

    /Peachy Thrifts Facebookspace
  2. Instagram: Instagram was chosen because of its popularity among our target demographic and its ease of posting images. It’s also a great channel for building a community through interaction.
Peachy Thrifts Instagram


  • Twitter: Twitter was chosen because it is a great platform for community-building and engagement through polls, contests and hashtags.


Peachy Thrifts Twitter

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  • WordPressWordPress was chosen to host our blog and website because of its easy-to-use Content Management System-


Peachy Thrifts WordPress


Content Calendar

I decided on a posting schedule that went from Monday – Friday:

  • 2 blog posts per/week – 1 personal experience, 1 general
  • 3 Facebook posts/week – 2 sharing our blog posts + 1 curated content
  • 3 Instagram posts/week – featured thrifter of the week series
  • 4 scheduled Twitter posts/week + spontaneous posting throughout the week

The content calendar can be viewed here.

Each week, a team member had a different social platform to own, where they would be responsible for posting, as well as meeting weekly targets I would assign.


For analytics, I studied Insights on WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Peachy Thrifts Social Insights Infographic


Future Goals

  1. Sponsored content and ads on our website (ie. reviews and promotions for second-hand stores)
  2. Creating a social media thrifting challenge: “The Peachiest Thrift,” a thrifting hunt for the best outfit (winner chosen through community poll)
  3. Live thrifting videos
  4. Monthly guest thrifters to be featured on blog