Flux Productions


Branding, logo design

The Story

 Flux Productions is a Vancouver-based photography and videography production company. The company consists of three  males in their 20s. All three are cool, down-to-earth and friendly, and they wanted branding created to reflect this and a design that would make their clients feel at ease.

It was hard for the three clients to pick a name for their production company so the name is inspired by my love for words. A word like ‘flux’ is short, sweet, eye-catching and unique. Flux means continuous change, as life is. It is a fitting name for their company because cameras are, ironically, able to capture fleeting moments in time.


The target demographic for Flux Productions are working-class young adults, ages 19 – 35 years old, needing creative work done in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Overall, the clients would like the branding to have a modern feel to connect with millenials. Because the production company is based in Vancouver, they would like the branding to reflect the Pacific Northwest to connect with people in this area, and because the clients themselves are fans of the outdoors.

 The Goal

As part of the project, I created a Visual Identity System which includes a logo, colour palette, typography, types of images, tone, and voice, which I then displayed on business cards and a letterhead for the company. The clients wanted a simple, clean design with a modern feel, as well as something to reflect their love for the Pacific Northwest region. The paper used for their business cards and letterhead is recycled brown paper, to be environmentally-friendly and to give a rustic feel to symbolize their connection with nature.


Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

The Process


Flux Productions Mind Map


Flux Productions Thumbnails

Flux Productions Thumbnails

Flux Productions Thumbnails


Flux Productions Moodboard



Flux Productions Roughs

Flux Productions Roughs 

Final Product


Flux Productions Stylescape


Flux Productions Final Logos

Business Card

Flux Productions business cards


Flux Productions Letterhead