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The Story

 Driving WinTech is a Women in Tech World initiative and mission.  WinTech is a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that recognizes and empowers women in the tech industry by providing opportunities through professional development and mentorship.

From September – November 2017, WinTech went on a Canada-wide, fact-finding tour to better understand and record the experiences of women in technology, as well as promote vibrant tech communities across the country.

After volunteering as a Social Media Coordinator to make Women in Tech Week 2017 a success, I became WinTech’s Social Media Manager. As Social Media Manager, I work with the Social Media, Public Relations, Content, and Newsletter teams and I oversee organic growth across our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). It was also my responsibility to hire and train my team of six Social Media Coordinators.


Driving WinTech’s primary audience consists of women (of all ages) in tech or interested in working in tech, and women in tech allies. Its secondary audience is the national tech industry (including educational institutes, organizations, accelerators, firms, and individuals). Its audience is primarily based in North America (in major tech hubs such as Vancouver and Toronto).

 The Goal

As part of Driving WinTech, the research tour will take a team of volunteers from BC to Newfoundland over a two month period. In this time they will facilitate 50 community forums, connect with over 10,000 people, create and share a National Report on the experiences of women in tech in Canada, and share their findings with the community, grassroots organizations, and all levels of government, to ensure active steps are taken as a result of Driving WinTech.

To make Driving WinTech a reality, we needed to reach our Kickstarter goal of $30,000 by June 30th. The main focus for the Social Media Team was to promote Driving WinTech in order to reach our Kickstarter goal, as well as to create excitement for our new mission.

The Results

WinTech managed to surpass its Kickstarter goal by June 30th, 2017! We are now in full swing of Driving WinTech as our research team travels across Canada holding Community Conversations. Promoting such a large-scale mission included creating an in-depth Social Media Calendar for September – November which includes a variety of content and strategies to make Driving WinTech as successful as possible.

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