Cesca’s Succulents


Poster design, logo design, branding, advertising

The Story

 Cesca’s Succulents is a fictional client for a course project. As part of the assignment, we paired up with ‘clients’ (students in the class) who pitched their business idea, and what design they needed created for it. The client chose the style they would like. My job was to create a poster that would satisfy the client and meet all of their needs.  

 The Goal

 The goal was to create a poster promoting the grand opening of “Cesca’s Succulents,” a floral shop that sells succulents and cacti. The client wanted a simple, clean design that used vector illustrations that looked hand-drawn. She wanted the poster to look friendly and sweet, to reflect her business.


The store would be located in the community of Mount Pleasant in Vancouver. The main age demographic here ranges from 25 – 35 years old, and the community is artistic and fashion-forward. Cesca’s Succulents would have a fresh take on the conventional plant store, and the client wanted the poster attract a similar, younger clientele that appreciates minimalism.


Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

The Process


Concept thumbnails for "Cesca's Succulents"



Roughs for Cesca's Succulents  

Final Product

Logo design for "Cesca's Succulents"


Poster design for "Cesca's Succulents"